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Q: When will the next release of Aphrodite be released?

A: When it's ready ;o). Aphrodite 0.6 is targeted for Mozilla 1.0. It won't be released until Mozilla 1.0 is ready and all major bugs are resolved.

Q: Why won't Aphrodite run on the Mac?

A: The reason it won't work on the mac is because the main menu is in a sub iframe. Macs didn't like this. We are planning on switching to Mozilla's skin system in Aphrodite 0.7. This should fix the problem.

Q: Why won't Aphrodite .05 launch on Windows?

Here are some of the issues i've come across on windows.

A: installed-chrome.txt has unix ^J characters where windows wants ^M.
Edit this file in notepad and delete the characters you see and replace them w/ a carrage return. Aphrodite worked fine for me after i did this.

A: Using a shotcut and aphrodite icon to start up aphrodite.
After you install Aphrodite, quit mozilla. Go to the bin directory where your mozilla nightly is installed and create a shortcut to mozilla and put in on your desktop.
Right click on the properties of the shortcut and select choose icon. Go to the chrome\aphrodite\WIN folder and select the ico for your icon(thanks John Dobbins). For your Target path you will need to enter.
"c:\some\path\to\mozilla.exe" -console -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/install.xul
After you finish the Aphrodite install Aphrodite will launch for you.
After this, edit this Target again and remove "install.xul". You no longer need it. Then Aphrodite should run fine from now on.

A: Or if you are comfortable using a command prompt, you can launch Aphrodite like this:
mozilla.exe -console -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/install.xul
mozilla.exe -console -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/

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