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The FruityGum Skin was created by Alphanumerica's Mozilla development team to be submitted back to the open source next-generation Web browser project. As the name FruityGum suggests, our team set out to create an eye-catching design, very bright and funky, something totally unusual for a browser. The goal was to show off the possibilities of Mozilla's new customization technology so that other Mozilla developers could have an example to follow in their own browser designs.

You still might be wondering why we choose bright pink and a bunch of dragons as our design theme. We wanted to attract attention and highlight the fun and experimental side of Mozilla. With this in mind, we created a design that might not make your surfing experience any more useful, but it will certainly make it more fun. And while a lot of people have had strong reactions about this skin, it is nice to see that at least someone gets it.

FruityGum was recently removed from Aphrodite's development builds and won't be in the next release. When installable skins are implemented FruityGum will be avaible as a seperate download. See the screenshots section for a look at FruityGum

The aphrodite project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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