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The Sullivan Skin, named after Louis H. Sullivan, an architect in the late 1800s who popularized the concept of "form follows function," attempts to strike a balance between the functionality of the default Aphrodite skin and the playfulness of the FruityGum skin.

This skin is built using some of the same user interface conventions as Internet Explorer 5.0 for the Macintosh. The roundness of the buttons, the subtle grayscale theme, and the Mac OS native widgets (scroll bars, progress meter, etc.) all help the Sullivan skin make a smooth transition to the Mac OS.

Take a look at the Grape and Lime flavors of Sullivan in the screenshots section or install Aphrodite and see how they work in action.

The Sullivan Lime skin was recently removed from Aphrodite's development builds and won't be in the next release. When installable skins are implemented it will be avaible as a seperate download.

The aphrodite project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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